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So you think you want to choose a cute Spanish Water Dog…

Make sure whomever you consider purchasing from has a specific scheduled plan [not just vague talk] about getting the puppies out to get socialized, or buy from someone who has young children in the house and neighborhood kids that come visit regularly, inother words, buy from a breeder that has a specific scheduled strategy for getting people of all sizes in to meet their pups. Don’t just take their word for it unless they have a house with a bunch of kids with their friends coming over on a daily basis. A good breeder of any breed of dog should have a schedule planned for getting the pups out in small groups to new places. These aspects of raising a litter is crucial with this breed.

Learning manners early
Learning manners early

If possible, visit once before you buy and spend an hour or so going thru the pups one by one. Then choose 2 or three you might like and the breeder will most likely choose among those for you. You may not get your first choice, but will most likely get second or third. Most breeders really want to give you the pup you want, but remember they are trying to place all the pups and you may be competing with a show home or a competition [i.e. herding, agility, etc.] for the same pup. A good breeder is responsible for the life of the pups they place. They do not want to get a pup back, so they will want to match all of their pups carefully.

I would recommend that you purchase from a breeder that gives you a good written contract and subscribes to the code of ethics set forth for breeders by the SWD Club of America.  All of the breeders listed on the club website sign a paper related to that code.  Do not purchase from someone that is not willing to register their pups with the AKC, or show you copies of any health certificates.

Casita de los Duendes kennel has an open health clearances policy with all of my dogs and any litters that we breed…….all of their health issues are open to discussion online and are publicly posted if the owners get them tested.  We encourage new owners to get those tests done thru a rebate program.

Early Exposure to Children Is Important







In November Rudi was bred to Vaquera of De Lago Kennel and there are two little girls that are not yet spoken for.  Here are their pictures.











In 2014, I  bred my male “Rudi”  Casa de Rancho’s Hagan Ruido that I co-own with Casa De Rancho Kennel to Isadora del Pipa Casita [a nice female from the Netherlands] owned by Cathy Linsk.    Miss Isadora is a very sweet and calm girl-just a terrific temperament.

This is a picture of Isa.










Rudi is a beautiful boy who loves to herd, play fetch and swim and has a very cheerful disposition.

Here is a picture of Rudi.

Casa De Rancho's Hagan Ruido
Casa De Rancho’s Hagan Ruido


Here is the lovely couple together. 04/27/2014

Rudi went a-courtin'
Rudi went a-courtin’

We will not be planning to raise any litter in our house for a number of years. I already have 4 dogs running around the house, and won’t be acquiring an intact female for a few years.

Here are some pics from our 2011 litter.



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  1. Hoping Rudi and Isa had luck and will have some puppies and we can bring one home to add to our family. Can you please keep me updated? Thank you.

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