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We are a small family kennel dedicated to the health and preservation of the Spanish Water Dog. The Spanish Water Dog is an ancient farm dog.  Also known as the Turk Andaluz, these creatures are historically (and by nature and temperament) a herding breed although use of “water dog” the name might suggest otherwise.

SWD’s are active, loyal, intelligent, versatile and hardworking. More recently in addition to herding, the Spanish Water dog has functioned as a fisherman’s helper-thus the modern water dog name. Even though they look cuddly and cute, they need a good consistent leader, and can be difficult for the first time dog owner. Spanish Water dog puppies require a strong and consistent program of early socialization and obedience training in order to grow up into well rounded social adults.

We are not planning to raise any litters this year [2017] however Rudi was recently bred in November and there are two young puppy girls that don’t yet have homes, so this might be your lucky day!!! Take a peek at the puppy page.

Our male dogs are available for stud to approved bitches that have had all of the required health tests. I already have 4 dogs running around the house, and won’t be acquiring an intact female for a few years.

I would recommend that you purchase from a breeder that gives you a good written contract and subscribes to the code of ethics set forth for breeders by the SWD Club of America.  All of the breeders listed on the club website sign a paper related to that code.  Do not purchase from someone that is not willing to register their pups with the AKC, or show you copies of any health certificates.

Casita de los Duendes kennel has an open health clearances policy with all of my dogs and any litters that we breed…….all of their health issues are open to discussion online and are publicly posted if the owners get them tested.  We encourage new owners to get those tests done thru a rebate program. 

For more breed information go to our  Links and Breed Info page.  Make sure you checkout Spanish Water Dog Club of America. On the club website you will find loads of information. Do research on herding breed temperaments before you choose this breed. If after that you are still interested, this breed might be right for you.



For those who may wonder……

“………a Duende is the invisible muse or magical sprite  that sits on the shoulder of flamenco artists and breathes inspiration to their performances….”

-Sam Lardner [check out his CD Barcelona-its superb]


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  1. Hi folks…we live in Oregon and would like more information on Spanish Water Dogs with regards to the costs involved, the process, etc.

    Thanks for any help you can provide and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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