Rudi went a-courtin’


Isadora Del Pipa Casita came visiting this week and Rudi performed his task very nicely thankyou.  There got together successfully 4 times, so hopefully there should be pups on the way!!!

I must say that Isadora is a peach as far as temperament goes—rock solid!  These pups should have wonderful personalities and good structure.  They will be raised around Cathy Linsk’s antique store so socializing with visitors should make them bullet proof.  I am very excited about this litter.

For those of you who may have commented on my site or inquired about this litter, please be forwarned that one gets alot of spam comments on websites like this and that I have to go thru it all and try and weed out the spam.  So if your inquiry did not get a response, please try again and you should get info back within a few days.  You can always reach me by email


Thanks NV